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Motor Claim: By Our Insured



Dear Policyholder

At NTUC Income, we understand that it can be stressful being involved in a motor accident. We want to ensure that your claim proceeds smoothly so that you can get back your vehicle promptly and in good condition.


1. At The Accident Scene


a. Take Photograph at accident scene

If you have a digital camera, it is advisable to take photographs of the damages and the position of the vehicles at the accident scene.  Send us the photographs via MMS to Tel 9877 9113 with the vehicle number and date of accident in the following format: <vehicle number><DDMMYY>or email to If there is no injury to both parties, move your vehicle to the side of the road to avoid any obstruction to other road users.


You should take down essential details of the accident:


·               the registration number (number plate) of all vehicles involved

·               the name, NRIC number, address and telephone number of the other driver(s)/owner(s) and any witness

·               the name of insurance company/companies for the other driver(s).


b. Private Settlement for Minor Accident

If the accident is minor, when the loss is estimated to be only a few hundred dollars, you can consider having a private settlement with the other party.  Forward a copy of the private settlement form to us at or fax to 6338 1500.


2. Go To Reporting Centre


You are advised to report the accident at any of our reporting centres i.e. at the Independent Damage Assessment Centre (IDAC) or our appointed Accident Reporting Centre (ARC) within 24 hours, or latest next day after the accident.  You may call our 24-hour hotline at 6788 6616 for the location of the nearest reporting centres. 


3. Repair Under Classic Plan


For policyholder insured under the Classic Plan, NTUC Income will assign an appointed Quality Workshop to repair your vehicle. In normal circumstances, the repair will commence within 2 business days after reporting. The actual time taken for the repair will depend on the extent of the damages. The workshop will provide a 12 months warranty on the repair.


4. Repair Under Premium Plan


For policyholder insured under the Premium Plan, you can have the repair of your vehicle carried out at the car distributor's workshop or your preferred workshop:


·               you will report the accident at any of our reporting centres before sending the vehicle  to your workshop

·               we will assign our surveyor to survey the vehicle once your workshop submits a repair estimate to NTUC Income.    


5. Benefit Under Plus Option


If you have opted the "Plus" option, you will enjoy the following benefits:


·               waiver of the Standard Excess

·               transport allowance up to maximum of 7 days (from 15 May 2009).


6. No Claim Discount *


No Claim Discount (NCD) will be reduced accordingly should we pay for your damage claim on your policy and/or a third party claim against your policy during the year. If your claim is small, you can choose to reimburse us for the claim cost, to keep your NCD.


For non-reporting or late reporting of accident, your NCD will also be reduced accordingly.


7. Claim Against The Third Party Driver


If you are clearly not at fault and the third party is not insured with NTUC Income, you can lodge your claim against the third party or the other driver directly.


However, if both parties are insured with NTUC Income, we would advise both parties to claim under your motor policy. If you are not at fault for the accident, we will waive the Policy Excess and offer a transport allowance of $50 per day for the period that your vehicle is in the workshop for repairs. Your No Claim Discount will not be affected.


8. Letter From The Lawyer


If you get a letter from a lawyer acting for the third party, you should hand it to us immediately at any of our branches.  We will take care of it for you.


9. Theft Of Vehicle


If your vehicle is stolen, we need you to make a police report and bring the copy of the police report to any of our branches. We will allow the police 3 months to carry out their investigations. If the police is not able to conclude their investigation in 3 months, we will proceed to settle your claim.


10. Total Loss


Under the "total loss" settlement, we will pay you the market value of the vehicle at the time of accident/ loss. Upon settlement, we will take over the ownership of your vehicle. Policy Excess is applicable. There will also be no refund of the unused portion of insurance premium and road tax.


11. Spare Parts Availability


NTUC Income shall not be responsible for any additional costs resulting in delay in repair due to unavailability of spare parts. If you insist for the parts to be delivered by air freight expeditiously, you will have to pay for any additional costs incurred.


12. Towing Services In Malaysia


When towing services are required due to an accident in Malaysia, you may call our 24-hour hotline at 6788 6616 for assistance. Once the vehicle reaches Singapore, it must be towed to the nearest reporting centre for you to file an accident report. 


13. Prompt And Fair Settlement Of Claims


We aim to provide prompt and fair settlement of claims.

For enquiry or feedback, you may call our 24-hour hotline at 6788 6616 or email

More information is available at

*Detailed leaflets available at



Motor Department
6 September 2011


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